Wireless Mystery Jackpot
with Player Tracking & Cashless
for Slot Machines

Wireless Mystery Jackpot with Player Tracking & Cashless for Slot Machines


The system combines slot machines in the network and allows to have unlimited information boards, admin and cashier workstations, because they are implemented by using web technologies. It’s also possible to get access to the statistics over Internet.

Slot Machine Interface Board (SMIB) is connected to Slot Machine (SM) via Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol. SMIBs are combined into network by using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Compatible with Novomatic Impera, Coolfire I, Coolfire II, World of Poker, EGT Vega Vision all platforms, Casino Technology all platforms, Amatic, Apex, IGT, Alfastreet Roulettes. Must be also compatible with other vendors' slot machines that provide SAS 4.02, 5.0, 6.01.

  • Makes gaming club more attractive for the players
  • Brings better experience and benefits for gaming club staff with automation of accounting and management
  • Wi-Fi provides easy system installation and slot machines rearrangement
  • Jackpot draw fraud protection via probability distribution function
  • Every machine is optionally equipped with touchscreen enabled display
  • Smib firmware OTA (over-the-air) update
  • Made on top of progressive technologies and by using progressive techniques
  • Based on freeware software (GNU/Linux)
  • Rolling release


Card Management

  • Issuance
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Replacement
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Bonus payout

Cashier and admin accounts

  • Admin accounts management
  • Cashier accounts management

Slot Management

  • Gameplay Lock
  • Gameplay Unlock
  • Bill Acceptors Lock
  • Bill Acceptors Unlock
  • New registration

Real Time Monitoring

  • Slot machine events
  • Meters
  • Bets
  • Cashless transfers
  • Cashboxes content

Jackpots & Bonuses

  • 9 Level Mystery jackpot
  • Draw is based on probability
  • Extra contribution settings for every slot machine
  • Card or cardless draw
  • Display funds via info board
  • Draw directly to slot machine
  • 4 Level Bonus program
  • 3 Level Progressive jackpot
  • Tournament
  • Uncashable credits bonus
  • Bonus points
  • Bonus tickets
  • Instant cashback bonus
  • Daily cashback bonus
  • Bombs bonus

Statistics & Reports

  • Slot statistics and financial information accumulation
  • Shift reports automation
  • Daily card totals report
  • Monthly card totals report
  • Mystery draw log
  • Progressive draw log
  • Bombs bonus log
  • Daily cashback bonus log
  • Assets movement by cards log
  • Assets movement by slots log
  • Context search
  • Database backup
  • Optional remote access via Internet


2022 November - BEGE Expo Sofia

Gamekeeper participated in Balkan Gaming Expo as a partner of Bulgames.

2022 April - 500 slot machines reached!

At the moment we are glad to say that serve more than 500 slots machines in total in Bulgaria.

2020 July - Bingo!

Gaming Palace Bingo We made our tenth installation. Gamekeeper equipped the "Gaming Palace Bingo" located in Plovdiv having more than 100 slot machines! It took much efforts, but eventually we managed to do this and for now more than 300 machines are served in total.

2018 November - BEGE Expo Sofia

Gamekeeper participated in Balkan Gaming Expo.

Who we are?

We are small, but effective team of IT-professionals. We have huge experience in different domains. We would like gambling to be safer and simpler for everyone. We want it to be transparent. We want everyone can see own results as well as game history. Our tracking system brings benefits for players, casino owners and state.

For now people like gambling and we want people have outstanding experience within it!